Sunday, November 06, 2005

Commuter rail is the wrong ride

I have been delayed in writing an article about METRO's ill-advised push for commuter rail, while I was analyzing the new IRS collections data, for our annual update on that subject, which we pride ourselves in being among the first to publicize, each year. Well, we just released that article and its companion article, "The Economy Bomb", yesterday and I turned my attention to the overdue commuter rail article.

I had barely begun work on that article, when I received an email from Tom Bazan, alerting me to an Op-Ed in the Comical, by Tory Gattis. After reading what he said, I decided to scrap what I was writing, because Gattis had summed up the situation so well.

Instead of adding my two cents, I will simply point you to the Houston Strategies BLOG, where you can read the excellent summation, by Gattis, of just how wrong for Houston commuter rail, as envisioned by Metro, really is.

Check it out.